ICC Champions Trophy 2017 News: Intel Drone and Bat Sensor are ready to revolutionize cricket

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 News: Intel Drone and Bat Sensor are ready to revolutionize cricket. International Cricket Council are agreed to use the Drone Technology in ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

Here are Some Featured that Will Tell you what and How these Sensors are Gonna Entertain us for Champions Trophy 2017 News. Now The First Match of ICC is Already to be Set to Launch on 1st of June  SO be Ready for the Thrill and Keep Visiting Crickhighlights.com.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 News: Intel Drone and Bat Sensor are ready to revolutionize cricket.


Using this sensor there are six key areas of data which will be available to measure:

  • Time to Impact
    • Measuring the time between the back-lift of the bat through to the impact of the ball
  • Bat Speed at Impact
    • For the first time, we will know the bat speed now it hits the ball – combining this with the radar measured ball speed there will be new insights into the combinations of speed and power and the path of the ball thereafter.
  • Maximum Bat Speed
    • There’s going to be a whole new level of competition between players, who swings hardest. This measurement will be taken between the back lift and the follow through.
  • Follow through angle
    • Measuring the change in the angle after the impact
  • Back lift angle
    • Looking at the angle of the bat within the bat lift as the ball approaches
  • Impact angle
    • Understanding the angle of the bat at the moment of impact.


ICC Champions Trophy 2017 News How ICC authority Describes.

For a game as steeped in tradition as cricket is, the authorities have to constantly confront with the perennial question of how much of technology should be used. The International Cricket Council’s Cricket Committee. That treads cautiously on such matters as they have to take into consideration all the stakeholders of the game, including spectators and the players.
Over the years, cricket has incorporated into the game a few of the latest technological advances available. At the same time, there have been a few rejections of technology. In 1992, when India took on South Africa in a Test match in Durban, the concept of third umpire came into existence, who in turn could be consulted for the decisions: run-outs, stumpings and boundaries.
ICC Champions Trophy 2017 News 16 years later, the Decision Review System was trialled during the Test series between India and Sri Lanka. The DRS system provides the chance for the players to challenge decisions made by the on-field umpires, and have them referred to the third umpire. It led to new technologies like Hawk Eye, UltraEdge, Snickometer, Hot Spot being used. SpiderCam, Stump Camera, Ball Spin RPM/ Rev Counter, PitchVision, LED Bails have also enhanced the game of cricket.
“We couldn’t be more excited to have Intel as our ‘Official Innovation Partner’ of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017,” said David Richardson, ICC’s chief executive.
“The innovations Intel is bringing to the game promise to transform how cricket is experienced and enjoyed around the world, and we look forward to partnering with Intel in this effort,” Richardson added in a statement.
“Our goal is to lead the way forward into the digitisation and personalisation of sports, transforming the way fans and athletes experience sports,” said Sandra Lopez, Vice President, Intel Sports Group.Orginal Source: eftm.com.au

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